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Missouri's Top Pet Supply Dealer Offers 3 Winter Care Tips for Your Horses January 18, 2018

Foristell, St. Charles
Missouri's Top Pet Supply Dealer Offers 3 Winter Care Tips for Your Horses, Foristell, Missouri

Horses are well-adapted to the cold and can handle most winter conditions without a great deal of extra care. With a few basic pet supplies and a little extra attention, your horses will make it through the season and be ready when riding weather returns in the spring. Below are a few steps to take to prepare them for the cold. 

3 Winter Care Tips for Your Horses

1. Don’t Use Too Many Blankets

horse suppliesWhile horses with a short body clip will probably need a blanket or two on cold days, resist the temptation to bury them in a pile of coverings. If they have their winter coat, high-quality feed, and shelter from the elements, your horses should be fine with a light blanket in the cold. Otherwise, you will interfere with their ability to regulate their own body temperatures, possibly leading to overheating and dehydration.

2. Take Care of Their Hooves

Many owners forget to care for their horse’s hooves if they’re not riding regularly, but these animals need attention all year long. Whether or not you’re riding, your horse’s hooves should be cared for every six to eight weeks, or more often depending on how fast they grow.

3. Keep Up Their Grooming Schedule

If you’re not riding or showing your horse, it’s easy to neglect their daily grooming. Grooming not only keeps your horse looking its best, but it’s also an opportunity to examine them for signs of health issues before they become serious problem. Remember to break out those pet supplies on a daily basis all winter long.


For more than 20 years, Vehige Enterprises, Inc has been the leading supplier of pet supplies and horse feed in Warren and St. Charles Counties, MO. They maintain an incredible selection of the best products on the market, providing everything you need to keep your horse healthy throughout the winter. Visit their website for a sample of their products. Follow their Facebook for more tips and advice. If you have any questions, call (636) 673-2202 or visit the store anytime.

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