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5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Dentist Will Appreciate January 16, 2018

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Dentist Will Appreciate, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

If you’re ready to kick off the new year with healthy habits, your oral health is an easy place to start. Good oral hygiene will reward you with a lifetime with strong, beautiful teeth, and your dentist will notice the difference. Here are five things to get you started on the right track.

5 Dentist-Approved New Year’s Resolutions

1. Eat Less Sugar

dentistYour teeth and your body will love this one. Sugary foods breed the bacteria that causes tooth decay and has been shown to cause inflammation throughout your body. Cutting back on sweets and sugary drinks will have positive health benefits from head to toe.

2. Visit the Dentist Regularly

If you aren’t making trips to the dentist every six months, start now. Regular cleanings will remove the plaque that builds up between visits, while the exam will detect potential health issues like oral cancer. You’ll also have yearly X-rays that identify tooth decay before it becomes painful.

3. Floss More

You should be flossing once a day. Choose any time of day that’s convenient for you and stick to the routine. Flossing prevents gum disease—a condition that can lead to gum bleeding, recession, and even tooth loss.

4. Commit to Two Minutes

Everyone has two minutes to spare for brushing twice a day. Set a timer or listen to a two-minute song to make sure you’re brushing as long as you need for a truly clean mouth.  

5. Quit Smoking

You know smoking is bad for your lungs, but it also damages your teeth and gums. It creates stains, promotes gum disease and tooth loss and can even lead to oral cancer. If you have tobacco-stained teeth, talk to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry options that will restore your mouth’s health and beauty.

It’s never too late to start your oral health new year’s resolutions. These inexpensive, simple tips will make a big impact on your health and confidence in 2018 and beyond.


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