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Austin pool maintenance and cleaning - Clear Solutions Pool Company March 23, 2015

Austin, Williamson
Austin pool maintenance and cleaning - Clear Solutions Pool Company, Austin, Texas

For all of your pool services, pool cleaning, pool repair and pool tile cleaning, Clear Solutions is committed to providing Austin and the surrounding areas, with complete pool solutions.

Our licensed pool professionals will provide you with affordable solutions for all of your pool service needs.

Whether you need a one-time pool cleaning, pool tile cleaning, regular Austin pool maintenance and cleaning or a complete pool renovation, Clear Solutions is the best choice in the Austin area.

When selecting an Austin pool cleaning service, you want a pool company with plenty of experience.

Nobody enjoys a dirty pool, but achieving a clean pool can be a lot of work.

Let our trained professionals quickly and easily perform all of your pool repair, cleaning and maintenance tasks for you.

Don’t spend hours messing with hoses, vacuums, nets and chemicals. Hire a professional!

Pool equipment repairs and replacements are part of being a pool owner in Austin, Texas. Over time, some pieces of your pool equipment will wear down naturally through use. Often times it is a small part that is just worn out and needs replacing, or a simple cleaning. However, sometimes new parts must be installed to keep the pool running smoothly.

Before you decide to spend hundreds of dollars to replace your expensive pool equipment, let a Clear Solutions Pool Professional assist you with finding an affordable solution.

When performing Austin pool cleaning services, Clear Solutions never uses glass beads, which may damage pool tiles, to remove hard water deposits. Instead, we implement a revolutionary process that uses mineral salts to clear buildup from tiles. Take a look below and see images that show the clean thoroughness of this mineral salt-based cleansing technique.

We use a power washer with a special injection nozzle. The water and media removes the calcium deposits and polishes the tile. Then, we rinse any debris off of the tile and adjacent pool deck.

Once the tile is clean and dry we apply a protective sealant. This causes the water to bead up and run off like wax does for a car.

Then we vacuum the media from the pool. Any material suspended in the water will filter out or dissolve within 24 hours. Since the minerals are water soluble, they will not damage the pumps, filters or sweepers (as glass beads can may).

Imagine what the hard glass beads do to your pool sweep and pump. Do not let anyone use glass beads on your pool!

Our services are completely eco-friendly!

We conserve water by lowering the level just below the tile line.

Call Clear Solutions today at 512-699-6044

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