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5 Steps for Manmade Lake Building & Repair January 16, 2018

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5 Steps for Manmade Lake Building & Repair, Sunman, Indiana

For many homeowners, getting out on the water is something reserved only for the weekends. After all, finding a property with an existing lake is difficult. However, if you have enough space on your property, a lake building and repair specialist can create an outdoor escape right at your house. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect when having a lake installed on your property.

What’s Involved in the Lake Building & Repair Process?

1. Finding the Right Spot

Look for low-lying areas of land close to a waterway or underground stream. This way, filling the lake or pond with water won’t require running additional water lines to the site. Ideally, the area should be large enough to accommodate whatever activity you’re planning, whether it’s canoeing or fishing. While additional space can be gained by working with an excavation specialist, it’s best to find an already clear area.

2. Deciding on the Depth

lake building and repairOnce you’ve found your site, you and your lake building and repair expert will determine how deep the body of water needs to be. Your activities will largely determine the appropriate depths. For example, fishing lakes often need a deeper reservoir than those used primarily for nonmotorized boating. Once that’s established, the contractor can get to work.

3. Preparing the Land

Unless you already have a natural sinkhole on your property, you’ll likely need the services of an excavating contractor to get the area ready. They’ll bring a crew to your property and clear out any roots, rocks, trees, and other growths that might get in the way of the manmade lake. Then, they’ll build up the edges around the lake, creating an artificial dam that keeps water from flowing out of the reservoir.

4. Drainage

Every manmade lake needs a drainage source. Most contractors can accomplish this by installing a pipe in the base of the reservoir, feeding it out to an appropriate drainage area. Keep in mind the drainage pipe is only needed when you’re getting rid of the water. Otherwise, it should stay water-tight, keeping your lake’s levels suitably high. In addition to the drainage pipes, you’ll also need an overflow drainage area outside the lake itself. This protects the rest of your property from damage during high water levels and floods.

5. Choosing Landscaping

Once construction is nearing completion, you’ll need to decide on the types of plants and landscaping you want around your lake. Consider plants that thrive in moist soil, such as loosestrifes and snowdrops, and add docks or sitting areas to let you and your family enjoy the water.


David Gunter Excavating in Sunman, IN, will help with all your lake building and repair needs. Their contractors also offer general bulldozing, building demolition, and land clearing services. View photos of their past projects on Facebook, and call (812) 569-7989 to speak with a representative.

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