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3 Anger Management Tips January 16, 2018

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3 Anger Management Tips, Rochester, New York

It’s easy to let anger take over during stressful situations or when life becomes overwhelming, but there’s a fine line between passing emotions and an ongoing issue. If it’s reoccurring, you may need anger management, and the staff at White Spruce Counseling in Rochester, NY, want to help. There are plenty of ways to keep your anger in check, no matter what situation you’re in, so read on if you or a loved one are affected by chronic or uncontrolled rage.

3 Tips for Managing Your Anger

1. Remove Yourself

Whether you’re dealing with a person or simply a stressful situation, before you get angry, remove yourself from the situation. Avoiding problematic stimuli is an important aspect of anger management and the best way to begin preparing to face them head-on. Step away for a few moments. Taking a walk around the office or going outside for a few moments can do wonders for your emotions. Stay until you’re no longer angry, and you’ll be able to return more in control.

2. Look for Solutions

anger-management-white-spruce-counselingWhen people become angry, they usually begin talking about being angry, but this only fuels the fire. Instead, begin addressing solutions to the problem. Whether it’s an argument with a friend or work-related issue, look at how you can work with the other person to fix the situation. Anger doesn’t offer anything positive, and you’ll find that you’ll make more progress by bypassing any heated trade-offs.

3. Focus On “I”

When most people lose control of their anger, they berate someone with “You” comments and accusations. Anger management focuses on putting your focus on yourself. Use “I” sentences to express your emotions. This more positively releases your feelings. You’ll also calm down more easily by focusing on how you feel about a problem rather than attacking the person involved.

If you’re dealing with ongoing anger management issues, turn to the professionals at White Spruce Counseling. They offer a variety of mental health counseling services and can help you make positive lifestyle changes to overcome your anger. Call (585) 424-2436 to schedule an appointment with a therapist, and visit the website and Facebook page to learn more about the services available.

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