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Funeral Home Explains Basic Burial Service Options January 18, 2018

Funeral Home Explains Basic Burial Service Options, Center, Indiana

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when tasked with managing funeral arrangements such as the burial service and plot type. That’s why the team at Shirley Brothers Mortuaries & Crematory offers their assistance. For more than a century, they have been there for residents of Indianapolis, IN, and they’ve compiled some basic information regarding your options. They say the burial services that are available will depend on factors such as the cemetery’s capacity, design, and location, but the choices that are generally available are in-ground and above-ground burials.


burial services For those planning a traditional funeral, an outdoor, in-ground burial plot is the most common choice. This option is easy for the funeral home to arrange. A grave marker can be set up and decorated to commemorate your loved one, and you and your family members can easily visit the site.

There are a few options for these plots, such as single depth, which is designed for a single casket, and double-depth, which is sometimes referred to as a “companion plot.” This features one casket located directly above another. Family lots, which are designated for a specific group of people and are often paid for in advance, are also another option.


For greater security, protection from weather, and a more visible affirmation of prestige, caskets can also be placed in an above-ground building. There are two variants: mausoleums and crypts. A mausoleum can enclose either an individual or a group and their caskets, or the caskets can be entombed in a stone or concrete structure that’s built onto the floor of the building or along the walls. If the mausoleum is large enough, there may be several that are vertically situated. As for a crypt, although it is also accessible from an above-ground building, the caskets themselves are entombed underground.

There are private and community options, some specifically for certain families or select groups of individuals, such as soldiers. Both offer greater privacy than outdoor, in-ground options, and, as you may expect, they are more expensive.

If you're in the Indianapolis area and seeking a respectful and experienced funeral home to assist with planning any type of burial service, turn to the compassionate team at Shirley Brothers Mortuaries & Crematory. They also offer grief support 24/7 for those who need it. Give them a call today at (317) 897-9606 to speak with a caring staff member, and visit their website for more information on their services.

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