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How Much Home Heating Oil Do You Need? January 16, 2018

Palmyra, Wayne
How Much Home Heating Oil Do You Need?, Palmyra, New York

Many of the families in the Palmyra, NY, area use home heating oil to keep their houses comfortable through the frigid winter. If your home uses fuel oil for its heat source, you’ll need to find the perfect balance of how much oil to get. No one wants to pay for more than they need, but you also don’t want to be stranded in a cold spell with no heat source. To help you get an accurate estimate, the oil company specialists at Main Energy have shared some helpful information.

How to Determine Home Heating Oil Needs

Oil Use Trends & Contributing Factors

home heating oilEvery home is unique, so you cannot just pick a number of gallons that you think your home will need. A lot of factors will impact how much oil you use each month. Some of the biggest factors include the exterior temperatures, the size of the home, and efficiency, such as the quality of insulation and windows. In a typical winter, New York homes use most of their oil from December through February, as these tend to be the coldest months.

Calculations to Estimate Next Month’s Usage

When you have your gas tank refilled, make a note of the level the tank is currently at and how many gallons are put into it at the time of refill. Once the oil reaches the original level, divide the number of gallons by the number of days since it was filled. This will tell you how many gallons you used per day on average. Make note of any extraneous conditions, such as going out of town, that would change your oil usage. Once you know your daily usage, you’ll know how much you need for the following month. Don’t forget to look at weather trends. If it’s going to get cooler, you may want some extra oil.

No matter how much home heating oil you determine you need, Main Energy in Palmyra will give you the highest quality oil for the most competitive prices. Contact them at (315) 597-5200 to ask about their payment plans or schedule an oil delivery. Their experts can help you estimate how much oil you need if you’re still unsure.

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