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How This Local Camp Will Improve Your Child with Autism’s Language and Social Skills January 16, 2018

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How This Local Camp Will Improve Your Child with Autism’s Language and Social Skills, Bowie, Texas

For children with special needs, such as autism, it can be difficult for parents to help them overcome any language deficits. And the professionals at Charis Hills Camp, located in Sunset, TX, often encourage parents to consider letting their children attend summer camp. After all, with their specialized training and autism resources, this camp is unique in its ability to help these kids. Here’s a look at what they have to offer regarding your child’s language deficit. 

3 Ways Charis Hills Camp Can Broaden your Child’s Language and Social Skills

1. New Structured Environment and Experiences

campFor many children with unique learning challenges, overcoming language deficits can often feel frustrating and nearly impossible. As a result, they may not be able to participate in a typical  summer camp. Thankfully, this camp provides an unmatched structured environment that will help your child feel safe and secure as they continually develop.  Grace and acceptance is  the “Charis way”.  Enjoying new experiences and new friends in a new environment gives each child new things to talk about.  Charis Hills staff do a great job in modeling language and soliciting conversation from their campers.

2. Nova

The camp also offers an elective daily educational component, which is referred to as Nova. Led by certified teachers, this activity allows your child to participate in learning through new and fun ways. As an elective activity, it combines fun with academia to help your child grow.  Campers have fun in a language rich environment!

3. Staff 

Finally, the staff at Charis Hills go through an intense two-week training schedule, meaning you can feel confident in their ability to help your child grow. Staff are trained in communication and social skills development as well as how to encourage and draw out language from each child.   Charis Hills staff are ideally suited to help your children develop in language, skills, social confidence.

Charis Hills Camp is a great outlet for your child if they fall on the autism spectrum. In fact, the founders, Rand and Colleen Southard, aim to help these children feel empowered  socially.  If you’re interested in learning more about this camp, contact a friendly representative today at (940) 964-2145. You can also find more information on their website.

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