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5 FAQs New Dog Owners Ask Veterinarians January 16, 2018

Oakview Estates, High Point
5 FAQs New Dog Owners Ask Veterinarians, High Point, North Carolina

Bringing home a new dog is exciting. But you’ve got your work cut out for you! Between training, pet vaccinations, veterinarian visits, and simply letting your new pet settle in, it’s going to be a busy few weeks of adjusting to life with a dog. Read on for five answers to commonly asked questions for new dog owners.

5 New Dog Owner FAQs

How Much & How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

This depends on your dog’s size and age. Puppies need to eat more than they will when they’re grown as older dogs need fewer calories than younger ones. Ask your veterinarian exactly how much to feed your new pet; don’t rely on package instructions. An adult dog typically eats twice per day, while a puppy eats two or three times per day. 

How Often Should I Let My Dog Out to Go to the Bathroom?

If you have a puppy that needs to be trained, work with your veterinarian on a plan for house training or crate training. A puppy needs to be let out to use the bathroom many times per day and sometimes during the night, too. An adult dog should go out at least three times per day, and ideally five times. 

What Vaccinations Do They Need?

Every dog should be fully vaccinated for the safety of the pet and another other beings that interact with them. Your veterinarian will probably recommend pet vaccinations for rabies, DHPP (a combined vaccine), parvovirus, adenovirus, and maybe more. Vaccines are safe and help keep your pet healthy.

How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

VeterinarianGrooming needs depend on breed. Some dogs need very careful maintenance of their coats and nails, while some dogs might only need a regular bath. Short-haired breeds typically have fewer grooming needs than long-haired breeds. You should have your dog’s nails trimmed at least every six months, regardless of breed. 

Where Should They Sleep?

This depends on your home, lifestyle, and what you want out of your relationship with your pet. If your dog is crate-trained, they may prefer to sleep in the crate. You could also designate a pet bed, area of floor in your room, or a specific rug. Dogs are not picky about where they sleep, but they do prefer to sleep in the same place each night.


If you have more questions about caring for your new puppy, contact the team at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC. The animal hospital is fully staffed with highly qualified veterinarians and vet technicians serving the entire Piedmont Triad region. Total Care Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of services to help you learn how to care for your new furry friend: from nutritional counseling to animal dentistry, their staff will help you find the best care routine. Visit their website to learn about becoming a client, and call (336) 886-2315 for more information. 

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