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The Differences Between Outdoor & Indoor Storage Units January 12, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
The Differences Between Outdoor & Indoor Storage Units, Anchorage, Alaska

Self-storage units provide the safe haven your things need when you do not have the space to accommodate them. Many storage facilities provide both outdoor and indoor storage options so their clients can store a variety of items securely. Determine which is best for your needs by learning more about what outdoor and indoor storage units offer.

What Is the Difference Between Outdoor & Indoor Storage Units?


Outdoor storage units are those you directly walk or drive up to. One door, usually an overhead door, separates your items from the outdoors. As with indoor storage options, outdoor units come in numerous sizes so you can meet your requirements exactly. One of the most popular uses for outdoor units is boat and RV storage, as many people do not have the property space or the inclination to keep these recreational vehicles at home. Outdoor units are not recommended for temperature-sensitive items, such as wooden and upholstered furniture, important documents, electronics, fine art, or anything else subject to warping, cracking, and condensation under extreme temperatures.


indoor storageIndoor storage units are housed within a larger facility that is often completely sealed and insulated. They may or may not include climate control, so you can house temperature-sensitive items without worrying about issues such as severely cold or humid weather, or mold and mildew. Indoor units are generally kept between 68 and 75° Fahrenheit to ensure the preservation of your belongings. These units are also better ventilated than outdoor options, so your items are not constantly sitting in stale air. Indoor storage units are ideal for fine art collections, musical instruments, electronics, furniture, lawn mowers and other equipment, and motorcycles.


Arctic Storage at Foothills provides three convenient storage locations in Anchorage, AK, and features outdoor and climate-controlled indoor units of varying sizes. Obtain the perfect unit for your needs in as little as 24 hours and receive a computerized entrance key for easy access and peace of mind. Call (907) 338-7233 to see what’s available or visit their website for more information. Follow the facility on Google+ for helpful moving and storage tips.

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