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Arborists Share the Best Time for Tree Planting & Transplanting January 17, 2018

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Arborists Share the Best Time for Tree Planting & Transplanting, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

When you want to add or move trees on your landscaping, it is important to know what time of year will keep your greenery safe and healthy and ensure growth continues going forward. The arborists at Nelson Tree Company in North Huntington, PA, explain how to determine the best season to plant and transplant your trees.

When Should You Plant New Trees?

Fall is the safest time to plant new trees, as it offers moderate temperatures with enough moisture for saplings to develop a solid foundation and root system to thrive. Depending on the type you have, late August through October are safe months for maples, pines, evergreens. Check the weather forecast to ensure the summer heat has subsided and also beware of early frosty temperatures that freeze the ground and make planting harder.

Keep in mind that some trees fare better with spring planting. These include birch, willows, and magnolias. For fruit trees, earlier in the season is preferred, as it ensures minimal frost damage.

When Can You Transplant Trees Safely?

arboristArborists agree that the best time to transplant trees is when they are dormant, usually in spring or fall depending on the species. Fall movement should be done before the frost rolls in. Cold weather can damage roots and digging into the frozen earth is difficult. Spring relocation must be completed before any new sprouts appear, so you aren’t interrupting and hurting new growth.

Dormant trees aren’t relying on their roots as a water source, and most of their leaves, flowers, and fruit are gone, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting their bloom. Trees moved while they are green and bearing fruit can suffer shock and may not survive the transplant. Conversely, dormant ones can reset their roots in the new location before their next growing phase.

Each species thrives under different circumstances, so always check what the type you’re handling prefers. For example, pine trees are best moved in early fall while maple trees should be relocated later in the season. Oak and fruit trees fare best when transplanted in early spring.

For professional tree services in Westmoreland County, call the arborists at Nelson Tree Company. For 30 years, these tree care specialists have used the best techniques and tools to keep your greenery healthy and your landscape pristine. They also provide emergency tree removal services when your property is in danger. Call (724) 863-7682 or visit their website for more about what they offer.

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