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8 Automotive Cooling Parts & Their Functions January 23, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
8 Automotive Cooling Parts & Their Functions, Hilo, Hawaii

Engines heat up significantly as they power automobiles, and special cooling parts play a unique role in maintaining the temperature of your car. In total, eight components work together simultaneously to control the temperature of the engine and keep it running smoothly. Without them, the vehicle would overheat, causing it to break down and leading to potentially significant internal damage.

Before you get behind the wheel of a car again, learn how the cooling system works so you can more easily narrow down the source of possible problems:

  • Radiator: Perhaps the most important part of the cooling system, the radiator passes hot coolant from metal fins to conduct heat away from the liquid and put it back into the air. When the radiator has returned the coolant to the correct temperature, it will pump back into the engine.
  • Freeze Plugs: These plugs are designed to provide protection against a freezing engine. They pop out during cold weather to ensure there is no frozen water to expand inside the engine block. 
  • Head Gasket: This component covers the main part of the engine to discourage the oil and antifreeze from mixing. 
  • cooling partsWater Pump: A water pump’s main job is to keep the engine from overheating by taking chilled antifreeze from the radiator and pushing it through the engine block.
  • Thermostat: When your engine is too cold, the thermostat will close so the car can warm up quickly. When the temperature of the coolant is warm enough to go through the radiator, the thermostat will open back up. 
  • Fan Clutch: The main job of a fan clutch is to reduce noise and save energy from the engine. When the engine is cool, the clutch works by disengaging the cooling fan. 
  • Bypass System: A bypass system works by circulating coolant through the engine while bypassing the radiator for safety. 
  • Hoses: Rubber and metal hoses help to transfer liquid to different parts of the engine.


Knowing the different automotive parts that make up your car will not only help you drive more safely, but it will also give you a better indication as to when it needs repairs. If you’re due for new cooling parts in Hilo, HI, visit Automotive Supply Center. Since 1956, this group of highly trained auto experts has made it their goal to provide quality components to drivers across Hawaii. For more help, visit them online or call at (808) 935-3767.

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