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The Pros & Cons of Opaque & Transparent Shower Glass Doors January 12, 2018

Buffalo, Wright
The Pros & Cons of Opaque & Transparent Shower Glass Doors , Buffalo, Minnesota

As you put together blueprints for your dream bathroom, one important design feature may get overlooked: shower glass doors. But how do you know whether it’s better to go for an opaque style or something more transparent? Below is a guide to help you make the best decision for your aesthetic needs.


If privacy tops your list of concerns, an opaque shower door delivers. Also known as frosted glass, the structure blurs images and offers just enough obscurity to facilitate privacy. Given its texture, the glass shower door is typically muted with soft effects to play down glare and sheen.

Opaque shower doors are also available in a wide range of styles. Geometric patterns, frosted squares, and stripes are just a few of the many design features that create beautiful collages without sacrificing privacy. In fact, some opaque glass shower enclosures are constructed to balance privacy with clear areas to bring in specks of light.

shower glass doorCleaning an opaque shower door is a breeze. A glass cleaning product applied with a sponge will typically remove soap residue, water deposits, and film. Depending on the cleanser, you may have to spray the solution on the glass shower door and let it remain for a few minutes to eat away grime. Then, wipe down and rinse the glass to restore it back to its opaque glory.


Clear or transparent glass shower enclosures provide the most space for light to filter through. It's generally colorless and is available in either panes or panels of glass. Bathroom renovators who don't put a premium on privacy may opt for transparent shower doors.

Transparent glass shower enclosures are also available in textured styles to enhance the door's clear palette. Some versions have transition panels, which generally have a horizontal frosted stripe that separates clear panes on the door's top and bottom. Other styles have variegated glass running through the door's midsection.

When cleaning transparent shower glass doors, more frequent washing might be needed. That's because clear glass is likely to show more soap and water spots compared to their opaque counterparts. Fortunately, the same type of glass cleaners can be used to removed grime and film.


If you're unsure whether to go with an opaque or transparent shower door, let the team at Glass Guys help you decide. The shower glass door center has a massive inventory of styles to choose from, and when you're ready, count on the experienced technicians for expert installation services. To learn more, call (612) 564-4860 or check out the website for other glass replacement, repair, and installation solutions.

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