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Nerf Bars vs. Running Boards: Which Is Better? February 8, 2018

Mulberry, Miami
Nerf Bars vs. Running Boards: Which Is Better?, Miami, Ohio

Nerf bars and running boards are essentially the same feature, in that they provide the same function — to help people enter and exit a truck. They are especially helpful for shorter passengers, such as children who might need a boost getting into your vehicle. While both items accomplish this, there are some subtle differences that are worth examining. If your current truck has neither, you’ll appreciate the time you took to consider which is the best choice for your needs. Next time you’re shopping for truck accessories, here are some of the key differences to look out for.

Nerf Bars

nerf barsLike running boards, these are installed in pairs, with one on each side of a vehicle. They usually run the entire length of the cabin, just underneath the doors. The key difference you’ll notice in nerf bars is that they’re sectioned off by the door, so that each door appears to have its own “stepping stool,” but each nerf bar is still one continuous piece. They also often have space between the bars themselves and the vehicle, making them appear to float. The main reason people choose these over running boards is for looks. Also, nerf bars tend to be easier to clean, and if they do get dirty, it’s not so obvious.

Running Boards

These provide exactly the same function as nerf bars, but they aren’t styled the same way. Rather than featuring distinct sections, running boards are like continuous troughs going from one end of a vehicle to the other. Some of them have traction pads or grooves on top, but the boards themselves hold ordinary plank shapes. People who choose running boards often do so because of their simplified construction; they also tend to feel more solid, since there’s no space between the boards and the vehicle. You might prefer these over nerf bars if you have large feet and need more room to step up. The main downside of running boards is that, due to their greater surface area, they can get very dirty.


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