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Grayson Insurance Agent Shares Winter Pet Safety Tips January 16, 2018

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Grayson Insurance Agent Shares Winter Pet Safety Tips, Morehead, Kentucky

With its frigid winds and icy conditions, the winter season can be dangerous if you're not prepared. The same is true for pets. That's why owners are strongly encouraged to take extra precautions to protect their furry loved ones from the cold. The Grayson, KY-based insurance office of Nationwide Insurance Agent Patrick Brent Roark continues to be a trusted resource for those who want to reduce or eliminate potential injury and property damage. This includes providing helpful tips to keep dogs and cats safe and warm this winter.

Ways To Keep Pets Safe During Winter

Bring Animals Indoors

It's much safer to bring pets inside from the cold than try to accommodate them outside. Make sure they have a warm space in the home to retreat to. The winter weather can cause hypothermia and prevent animals from regulating their body heat. Pay special attention to older pets and those with existing health issues, as they may be more susceptible to the cooler temperatures.

Resist Cutting Fur

Allow your pet's fur to grow throughout the winter season. The extra coating will do wonders for keeping them warmer. Keep up regular brushing and grooming to avoid matted fur, which can create a barrier for your pet's body heat regulation. These tips can also provide insurance against dry and flaky skin.

Consider Clothing Items

insuranceIf your pets will allow it, consider adorning them with a specially made sweater. The layer of clothing can help keep them warm. Make sure the sweater is the proper fit and that it doesn't impede movement. If your pet is too fussy over the sweater, remove it. After all, you want them to be relaxed and comfortable.

Schedule a Checkup

As an added insurance measure, take your furry friend in to the veterinarian for a physical exam. During the checkup, the vet will be able to check organs, joints, and muscles for any signs of disease or deterioration and develop a treatment plan. Unfortunately, the cold winter weather can aggravate existing and undiagnosed conditions.

Check Paws After Outdoor Trips

After your pet comes back inside from a bathroom break, take the time to check their paws. Their foot pads may have picked up remnants of ice, rock salt, and other debris that can cause injuries. Carefully wipe down paws, legs, and stomachs with a warm, dry cloth to remove debris. Better yet, invest in pairs of paw booties.

Your pets provide unconditional love. Continue to reciprocate by keeping them safe and warm this winter. To learn more about protecting your loved ones—including the four-legged variety—property and businesses, call Nationwide Insurance Agent Patrick Brent Roark today at (606) 474-7818 for free insurance quotes. Visit the website for extensive information on products and services.

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