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5 Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry April 17, 2018

Flatbush, Brooklyn
5 Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry, Brooklyn, New York

From avoiding surgical pain to minimizing anxiety, intravenous sedation is an exceptional way to remain comfortable while receiving dental work. Delivered through the veins by a trained specialist, this solution offers various advantages over other sedative options, including nitrous oxide and general anesthesia. To help patients considering this option, St. Marks Painless Dental in Brooklyn, NY, highlights five major benefits of IV sedation dentistry.

5 Reasons to Consider IV Sedation Dentistry

1. Safe Alternative to General Anesthesia

While general anesthesia is commonly used to subdue patients during oral surgery, it’s not always a safe option for patients. For example, anesthesia may increase the risk of blood clots. If your health is not fit for general anesthesia, or you are concerned about its effects, IV sedation can provide the same level of comfort without disrupting consciousness or breathing.

2. High Levels of Sedation

sedation dentistryCompared to nitrous oxide and oral medications, intravenous delivery allows for higher levels of sedation. Specialists will monitor you during the appointment to ensure that you are properly sedated, and they can increase medication if needed. Since the sedative is delivered directly into the bloodstream, it also works faster than other options.

3. Allows for Patient Communication   

While IV sedation prevents patients from feeling pain, it still allows them to communicate with their dentist, unlike general anesthesia. This can improve the quality of care, as dentists can respond to cues if the patient becomes uncomfortable.

4. Minimizes Risk of Trauma

Despite sustaining consciousness, intravenous treatment produces an amnesia-like effect that minimizes a patient’s ability to remember their procedure. For those with high levels of dental anxiety, not remembering the details of surgery is incredibly beneficial. It can even decrease your anxiety if you need other procedures in the future.

5. Fast Recovery

Intravenous medication wears off much quicker than oral solutions. Once the sedative leaves the system, sleepiness and disorientation are minimal. This allows you to get back to your regular daily activities with little interruption to your routine.

Regarding painless dentistry, it’s important to work with a specialist that can assess your needs and provide the best solution for comfort. Providing nitrous oxide, oral, and IV sedation dentistry, St. Marks Painless Dental is a top resource for Brooklyn-area patients seeking stress-free oral surgery and general care. Learn more about their expertise online or call (718) 778-3283 to schedule a convenient appointment at this Crown Heights clinic.