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5 Effective Natural Herbal Remedies & What They Can Treat January 12, 2018

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5 Effective Natural Herbal Remedies & What They Can Treat, Reno Southeast, Nevada

Long before the development of conventional medicine, people utilized herbal—or botanical—solutions to treat a variety of health problems. Today, these remedies remain just as effective and can provide a natural alternative to many synthetic medications. But, as South Reno Acupuncture explains, the impressive diversity of these plants can make it difficult to pinpoint which natural herbal remedies can treat what conditions. If you’re new to the practice, this holistic medicine provider in Reno, NV, identifies a few common herbs and how they can support health.

5 Natural Herbal Remedies to Boost Your Health

1. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle offers immense protective effects for the body by helping contribute to the healthy development of new liver cells. By supporting liver health, milk thistle can help improve the body’s ability to remove toxins—including those that contribute to high cholesterol and diabetes. The herb also functions as an antioxidant, working to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals. It is typically enjoyed as a tea or taken as a supplement.

2. Chamomile

Resembling daisies, chamomile is a gentle flower that is incredibly versatile in holistic medicine. In addition to working as an antioxidant, chamomile is often recognized for its calming effects. The plant contains a flavonoid, known as apigenin, which helps balance brain chemistry to help minimize insomnia and anxiety. It’s often taken as a tea or used as aromatherapy oil.

3. Ginger

natural herbal remediesThe same spicy root that is often enjoyed with sushi can offer a variety of digestive health benefits. Specifically, this plant contains compounds—known as gingerols and shogaols—that promote digestive enzymes and soothe gastrointestinal distress. As such, many chew on raw ginger or drink it as a tea to ease nausea, including morning sickness. Ginger also offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help reduce joint pain.

4. Echinacea

Many people take Echinacea in a supplement form to boost immune health and reduce the cold and flu symptoms. While it often needs to be taken regularly, Echinacea works by stimulating the production of white blood cells—a primary component in fighting off viruses and bacteria. The herb may also be applied as a topical solution to help wounds heal.

5. Valerian

When consumed, valerian root may promote the production of neurotransmitters that help regulate overactive neurons in the brain. As a result, people often drink the root as a tea to help ease stress and reduce anxiety. These benefits can help lower blood pressure, ease menstrual cramps, and muscle spasms.

If you’re interested in how these and other natural herbal remedies can address your health concerns, Dr. Gary Danchak of South Reno Acupuncture is a trusted resource for customized care. As an experienced herbalist, Dr. Danchak can determine which plants can ease your symptoms and how they may be best applied.  You can learn more about all the safe and effective holistic medicine services this specialist offers online. If you’d like to schedule a comfortable, dedicated appointment in Reno, NV, call (775) 849-9800.