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A Brief Guide to School Law & Expulsion Defense Rights January 10, 2018

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A Brief Guide to School Law & Expulsion Defense Rights, Torrington, Connecticut

Every child has the right to an education. If your son or daughter has been threatened with expulsion, understanding his or her rights under Connecticut school law is essential to mount a proper defense. Below, the Torrington attorneys from The Law Offices of Conti & Levy discuss your child’s expulsion defense rights and the options available to them.

What Actions Carry Grounds for Expulsion?

Connecticut educational institutions take certain offenses, including bullying, vandalism, sexual assault, and drug and alcohol possession, very seriously. If you are unsure about what type of behavior is expected of your child at school, begin by consul the Code of Conduct or Student Handbook.  

school lawThe Code of Conduct serves as a legally binding contract between the institution and its students. When a child does not adhere to school law, there may be grounds for expulsion. However, it’s worth noting that these contracts bind both parties. If a school fails to follow their protocol and procedures when taking disciplinary action, you may be able to have the expulsion thrown out. 

What Are My Child’s Rights?

In Connecticut, students facing expulsion are entitled to a formal hearing within ten days of an expulsion notice. They have the right to obtain a report detailing the reasons for the actions taken against them. Parents and students are encouraged to examine this document closely, gather evidence, and speak with potential witnesses in the days leading up to the hearing to craft a solid defense.

Both your child and the school have the right to retain legal counsel for the hearing. Your child’s lawyer will have the opportunity to present a defense, call witnesses, and offer evidence in support of their case. They also have the right to cross-examine witnesses called by the school and review documents that will be used against them during the hearing. Having a seasoned school law attorney on your side during the proceedings will ensure your child’s rights are protected while increasing the odds of a favorable outcome.

If your child has been threatened with expulsion in Torrington, CT, The Law Offices of Conti & Levy will fight to protect their rights and best interests. As an experienced juvenile justice advocate, this firm provides expert legal counsel across a variety of criminal and school law matters, including expulsion, vandalism, drug possession, and theft. Free consultations are available. Contact them online or call (860) 482-451 to schedule an appointment today.

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