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3 Factors That Impact the Longevity of Your Powder Coating January 12, 2018

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3 Factors That Impact the Longevity of Your Powder Coating, Issaquah Plateau, Washington

When considering powder coating for your vehicle, residence, or workplace, it is nice to know it can last for years without needing replacement. However, even though they are durable for an extended amount of time, they are still vulnerable to damage if the proper precautions are not taken. Here are a few factors that affect the longevity of your power coating.

What Can Impact the Longevity of Your Powder Coating?

1. Process

It’s essential you allow the professionals at Powder Vision, Inc. to complete the entire procedure. This can first involve sandblasting the product to remove rust, and old coatings, followed by a phosphate wash which removes any residual dust and contaminates from blasting. Next, the parts are sprayed with the color selected electrostatically and then baked in an oven for a time based on the density and weight of the part. Allowing all of the stages to be fully complete professionally helps extend the longevity of the coating.

2. Protection

powder coatingIn addition to maintaining careful practices to prevent any external dings, chips, or other damage, it is essential that you take care of the surface as well. Use natural cleaning products over those with harsh ingredients, regularly pressure clean with gentle soap, and you can use car wax to help protect the surface from damaging ultraviolet rays. 

3. Damage

Though parts that are powder coated can withstand rock dings and other types of road hazards better than those with regular paint, it’s not invincible. Its longevity can be cut short if it becomes seriously damaged. 

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