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5 Life Skills Kids Learn From Dance Class January 17, 2018

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5 Life Skills Kids Learn From Dance Class, Newark, Ohio

Children enrolled in dance classes learn more than just a beautiful art form. Lessons teach many important life skills as well. Even if they don’t continue their ballet or tap lessons into adulthood, those formative experiences will always stick with them.

5 Life Skills Kids Learn From Dance Class

1. Social Interaction

Children often learn how to work and collaborate with others during dance class, especially if it involves dancing in groups or with partners. They’ll learn about respecting one another’s boundaries, encouraging each other, and resolving conflicts. They may even make a few friends along the way.

2. Time Management

If your child has more than school to balance, they’ll need to learn how to manage their time well. Learning to dance requires daily practice, which your child will need to plan out along with other responsibilities and activities, like homework, theater, and sports. 

3. Discipline

dance classEven if you love something, you don’t always want to do it. To hone a skill like dance, you should practice at least once a day—and doing so requires discipline. Music and dance take a lot of time to master. The best people in those fields practice even when they don’t feel “inspired” to. Children who learn this early on will have an easier time learning new activities in general.

4. Appreciation for the Arts

People who grow up creating art will have more knowledge and appreciation for them. As a well-rounded citizen with exposure to some of humanity’s finest art forms, your child will grow up having more interests than what’s trending or what’s new on TV.

5. Personal Freedom

Dance allows people to show off their true selves. It’s also an outlet for people to reinvent themselves and become somebody else. While other parts of life might leave a person feeling locked down and limited, dance classes will remind them of their personal freedom. Children who discover this outlet early on will have an easier time coping with the more restrictive aspects of adult life.


Dance classes help children build character and teach them a beautiful art form. If your child is interested in starting lessons, enroll them at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH, which has been in the area for over 50 years. For questions about available classes, call (740) 344-8789. More enrollment information is available on their website.

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