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How to Winterize Your Water Well January 15, 2018

Bremerton, Kitsap
How to Winterize Your Water Well, Bremerton, Washington

The winter season is notorious for freezing cold temperatures, snow storms, and plumbing issues. To prevent the need for emergency water well service and extend your unit’s life span, take the time to learn about your system and perform some basic well maintenance tasks as part of the winterization process. 

What’s the First Step in Winter Well Maintenance?

Turn off and drain any well systems that won’t be in on-going use during the winter. This precaution prevents freezing and damage to the valves. If your primary residence runs on a water well, further insulate the area. Remove the concrete cover and add insulation on top. Do the same for your pressure tank and any pipes that are exposed to the elements. With added protection from the cold, the likelihood of broken valves and burst pipes and being without water is significantly decreased. 

What Safety Measures Should I Take Inside My Home?

Well MaintenanceIn addition to insulating the external elements of your system, embrace simple safety measures indoors. On particularly chilly nights, leave your faucets dripping ever so slightly to ensure there is constant water flow that reduces the risk of frozen pipes. Before turning in for the night, open kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets so these pipes are warmed by the temperature-controlled air pumping through the rest of the home.


If you have concerns about your winter well maintenance process, schedule an inspection with an experienced drilling and well-repair company. Coolwater Drilling has served residents throughout Washington for over 40 years. If you need assistance with winter well maintenance, general repairs, or a pump installation, their experienced and friendly technicians are ready to assist. Call their Shelton office today at (360) 426-3545 or dial (360) 830-9005 for their Bremerton location to schedule your appointment. Visit their website for additional insight on their services. 

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