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4 Unique Nursing Jobs You May Not Know About February 9, 2018

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4 Unique Nursing Jobs You May Not Know About, Suffern, New York

Most people are used to seeing nurses in typical health care settings: the family doctor’s office, urgent care, and the hospital. But there are a number of different nursing jobs an individual can choose that aren’t associated with these settings. Below are just a few to consider for your career.

Nursing Jobs You May Not Have Heard of

1. Public Health Nurse

A public health nurse works for the county or state health department, a correctional facility or in businesses to monitor and control health and safety issues. Public health nurses provide screenings in addition to administering immunizations. They also educate the public and communities they serve on health and well-being topics. The educational requirements for public health nurses vary, but usually require at least a nursing diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree.

2. School Nurse

School nurses work with children from varying ages, including early childhood through high school, and are responsible for dispensing medication per doctor’s orders, reviewing student’s symptoms when they feel sick, and treating minor things like cuts and scrapes. The educational requirements for a school nurse include a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

3. Home Health Nurse

nursing jobsThe home health care field has grown considerably in the last decade, and this includes nursing positions. A home health nurse assists patients who have returned home after surgery or a procedure, are recovering from an illness, are terminally ill or have a disability. Home health nurses can assist patients with wound care, medication administration, and a number of other important duties. Educational requirements vary for a home health nurse, but because this is a growing field, it is an excellent option for a beginner nursing job.

4. Nurse Educator

Because the nursing field is booming, there is a big need for nurse educators. Nurse educators work in colleges and universities to teach clinical and classroom knowledge to individuals studying to become nurses. Additionally, they can work in inpatient and outpatient health care facilities, educating new nurses and familiarizing them with the facility’s policies and guidelines. The educational requirements for a nurse educator generally include a Master of Science in nursing.


For individuals looking for nursing jobs outside the traditional spectrum, there are a number of different options to consider, including home health care for kids through J&D Ultracare in Suffern, NY. We are the leading home health care agency in the area. For more information, contact our team at (845) 357-4500. Or, visit our website.

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