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Well Installation Experts Offer Some Signs Your Well Is Running Dry January 16, 2018

Taylorsville, Salt Lake County
Well Installation Experts Offer Some Signs Your Well Is Running Dry, Taylorsville, Utah

A properly designed water well should last 25 to 100 years, but at some point, it will likely run out. If that happens, you'll need a new well installation. To help you determine if your well is on its last legs, Advanced Well Drilling & Services in Taylorsville, UT, provides some advice below. 

Well installationSigns Your Water Well Is Running Dry

When the level of a water well has dropped sufficiently to be of concern, you'll likely notice several symptoms. The water from the well might appear discolored or murky because it’s being pumped from the well's muddy bottom. Another indication is a change in the water's flavor or odor. If it starts to smell or taste "earthy," the water likely has a high soil content. You may also notice air in the line. If the faucets or shower heads sputter, the water level may have dropped below the pump's intake valve.

Alternatives to New Well Installation

In some cases, you can get more life out of a water well by deepening it or using a method called "hydrofracturing." This technique involves injecting high-pressure jets of water into the well to open a subsurface "fracture" that joins the current well to another segment of the water table. This results in better water flow and can extend the operating life of your well. To see if this option is open to you, consult a reputable water well services company.

If it's time for a new well installation on your property, contact the experts at Advanced Well Drilling & Services, the premier well-drilling contractor in Taylorsville, UT.  They have been serving Salt Lake County and beyond for more than 25 years, so they have the expertise to provide fast, dependable work and unmatched customer service. Visit their website to submit an online information request, or call (801) 572-8080 to schedule service with a friendly, helpful professional.

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