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A Guide to Basic Dog Training January 12, 2018

Defiance, St. Charles
A Guide to Basic Dog Training, Defiance, Missouri

Dog training is beneficial for both owners and their pets, whether it involves simple house manners or mastering a trick. While not every dog needs to know agility exercises, basic house and obedience training is recommended for all dog owners. Here, the team at Sorensen Kennels in Defiance, MO, shares information about these two facets of basic training to help you understand their importance.

House Training

The most significant part of house training is toilet training, which teaches your dog bowel and bladder control so they don’t have accidents inside the house. Each owner may have unique needs; for example, you can train your dog to wait until you’ve taken them for a walk or teach them to use one spot in the yard. Other house training aspects involve basic manners, such as not jumping up on the furniture or chewing on household items.

Obedience Training

dog trainingObedience classes teach your dog manners that make them more enjoyable to be around and keep them safe while you’re in public. These basic commands include sit, stay, and come. You can also teach them to heel, so they stay next to you when you’re walking regardless of whether they are on a leash. Teaching your dog to drop items from their mouth is also valuable if they bite on something dangerous or fragile. Pet owners can choose other helpful commands based on their lifestyle, such as “in the car” or “get your leash.”

The team at Sorenson Kennels offers a wide array of dog training programs, from day classes to private lessons, so you can find something to suit you and your dog. Training is easiest for puppies, but it’s never too late to learn good habits. Contact them at (636) 828-5149 to tell them about your goals and make a plan to start your dog’s basic training. You can also learn more by visiting their website.

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