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3 Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Furnace Repair or Replacement January 12, 2018

Springfield, Erie
3 Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Furnace Repair or Replacement, Springfield, Pennsylvania

You rely on your home’s furnace to keep your home comfortable, no matter how cold it gets outside. However, after many years of use, even the most well-maintained systems will eventually need furnace repair or a full replacement. Deciding between the two can be difficult and the team at Adams Heating & Cooling, serving all of Erie County, PA, wants to help. Here, they share a few factors to look for that will help you determine if your furnace needs a simple repair or a complete replacement.

3 Key Factors That Determine if You Need Furnace Repair or Replacement

1. Age of the System

Furnace RepairWhen well-maintained, most furnaces last up to 15 years before they start losing efficiency and end up increasing your heating costs. If your furnace is under 15 years old, you can likely have it repaired. However, if the unit has been in use for close to 15 years or you can’t remember the last time you purchased a new system, it might be best to schedule a replacement.

2. Type of Repair Needed

When you receive a repair estimate, compare the cost of the work to the cost of a new furnace. If the repair is considerably less expensive, go ahead and schedule the appointment. If the repair costs at least half as much as a new system or you’ve had the same issue addressed multiple times in the last few years, you might be better off with a replacement.

3. Overall Performance

When your furnace needs repair work, you might see a slight dip in its efficiency. However, if the unit is causing your heating bills to skyrocket, it might be time for a replacement. New units are designed to be incredibly energy-efficient and will help reduce costs as soon as they’re installed.

Don’t settle for a poorly functioning furnace. Let the furnace repair experts at Adams Heating & Cooling in West Springfield get your system up and running today. Their dedicated technicians can help with all of your heating and cooling needs and are always ready to help the moment an issue comes up. Learn more about their heating repair services online, and call (814) 922-7786 to schedule an inspection.

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