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Can Social Media Affect Your Child Custody or Other Family Law Case? February 2, 2018

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Can Social Media Affect Your Child Custody or Other Family Law Case?, Ava, Missouri

With the ubiquity of social media, it may seem like second nature to post updates to your family and friends, especially when going through a child custody case or other family law dispute. Unfortunately, the content shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can have a dramatic impact on your case, even if you have privacy enabled. Whether you’re petitioning for child custody or amending an existing order, the best approach is to stay off social media entirely.

How Social Media Can Impact a Child Custody Case

family lawRegardless of the privacy settings on your social media accounts, your former spouse’s attorneys may be able to access the information you share through false connections or mutual friends. In these disputes, it’s not uncommon for even innocuous content to be presented as evidence that you are unfit to have custody of your child or cannot provide a safe living condition. Comments made about your former spouse can be especially harmful to your case, even if they’re made in jest in a setting you believe is private.

For example, your child’s other parent may use vacation photos to show that you have not been present to care for your children, or they could use images of you having fun with your friends as examples of your immaturity. In some cases, even older photos can have an influence on the family law judge, who may decide from your social media content that your home is not a suitable environment for children. Because anything taken out of context can be reinterpreted by a skilled attorney, most lawyers advise their clients to refrain from posting to social media until their custody case is resolved.


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