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3 Ways Font & Color Affect the Sign Design January 12, 2018

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3 Ways Font & Color Affect the Sign Design, Mount Washington, Kentucky

When opening a new business or rebranding your existing company, the right sign design can make a storefront truly stand out and appeal to a new batch of customers. With this in mind, both font choice and the colors you use for your logo should be considered carefully for optimal results. Before ordering a custom commercial sign, review the following ways in which typeface and color selections can impact the final product. 

The Top 3 Ways Font & Color Factor Into a Sign Design

1. Legibility

First and foremost, potential customers walking or driving should be able to read your sign clearly from a distance. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on sales, and you might be met with frustrated clients before they even step inside.  Choose a font that’s easy to read and without too many flourishes. If you opt for a cursive font, confer with a few friends and your sign installation team to ensure it’s legible. 

2. Understanding Your Company

Sign DesignThe logo color and font choices are the best ways to demonstrate what your business has to offer and your core values. While it may seem odd at first, certain color patterns can quickly shed light on the type of organization you run. Always use contrasting colors that stand out and work well together. If you’re in the construction business, you may want to use bold yellow and black backgrounds; whereas a candy shop might want to go with something more colorful that exudes fun. 

3. Audience Appeal

During the sign design process, keep your audience in mind. Are you hoping to appeal primarily to males or females? Is your customer-base very specific? If so, work with a designer to find fonts and color schemes that match your company ethos and appeal to the desired demographic. 


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