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Haltom City Bail Bondsman Explains What Happens if Someone Gets Rearrested While on Bond January 12, 2018

Browning Heights, Northeast Tarrant
Haltom City Bail Bondsman Explains What Happens if Someone Gets Rearrested While on Bond, Northeast Tarrant, Texas

If you’ve been arrested and gotten out on bond, any subsequent arrests can have far-reaching consequences. The experienced bail bondsman at Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds in Haltom City, TX, can help you understand the entire process so that you can hopefully avoid any complicated legal entanglements. However, if you or a loved one happens to be rearrested while out on bond, here are a few of the potential effects explained.

What Happens if You’re Rearrested While Out on Bond?

1. Bail Bondsman & Co-signer Are Relieved of Duties

bail bondsmanTo post bond, you need a bail company and someone to sign on your behalf, like a friend or family member. Those parties are responsible for making sure you show up to court when you’re supposed to. If you get rearrested while out on bail, both the company and the co-signer are relieved of their responsibility for the case the bond was originally posted for.

2. It Impacts Old & New Charges

Another arrest can also have far-reaching consequences for both your original case and the new one you’ve been arrested for. For example, it might cause prosecutors to rethink any plea deals they might have had in the works or could lead to more serious charges for your new case if you’re seen as a repeat offender.

3. Court Can Revoke Bail

Additionally, a repeat offense could lead to your bail being revoked. If it’s not revoked completely, it’s likely the new charge will exceed the original or the money you originally paid will be surrendered.

To fully understand the consequences and the proceedings surrounding bail bonds, you need an experienced bail bondsman in your corner. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds serves the Greater Fort Worth area, working with families and individuals looking for help getting out of bad situations. You can learn more or get in touch with a bail agent by filling out a service request form online or calling (817) 834-9894.

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