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3 Notable Benefits of a Transmission Flush January 11, 2018

Grand Island, Hall
3 Notable Benefits of a Transmission Flush, Grand Island, Nebraska

With oil changes, tire rotations, and other car care tasks getting so much attention, many drivers forget about one of the most important services of all: a transmission flush. Replacing old, dirty transmission fluid can make a big difference for your vehicle, helping it run smoothly and extending its life span. Here are some of the top reasons you should make this essential service a priority.

Top 3 Benefits of a Transmission Flush

1. Cleanliness & Efficiency

Over time, old fluid becomes contaminated with dirt and other debris, resulting in a gunky material that keeps your transmission from operating as effectively as it should. With a transmission flush, these contaminants are removed from your system. This results in improved fuel efficiency and oil usage.

2. Smooth Operation

transmission flushWhen your vehicle is low on transmission fluid, it can experience a wide range of problems, including overheating or a loss of power when changing gears. If the transmission gets too hot, your car could stop working altogether. A flush helps you avoid these serious maintenance problems and extends the life of your transmission.

3. Save Money

Keeping your car working efficiently is great, but it’s more easily appreciated when you consider the monetary savings. Replacing your transmission is never cheap — and that’s exactly what you’ll have to do if you don’t maintain it properly. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for a transmission flush will help you save quite a bit of money on vehicle maintenance and repairs in the long run.


When your car is ready for a transmission flush, give BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island a call at (308) 382-2727. Their ASE-certified technicians have over 25 years of experience serving Hall County, NE, drivers and will get your vehicle back on the road quickly. If you’re having transmission troubles, they also offer free towing within 100 miles and diagnostic testing, which makes it easy to resolve the issue promptly. To learn more about their services, visit them online.

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