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3 Yard Preparation Tips From a Professional Sodding Service January 12, 2018

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3 Yard Preparation Tips From a Professional Sodding Service, Hill, Arkansas

Sod is an excellent way to transform a patchy yard into a gorgeous, lush lawn. If you’re interested in installing sod for a beautiful landscape, you will need to get your lawn ready before a professional sodding service arrives at your home. Here is a brief guide to ground preparation and care. 

3 Lawn Preparation Tips for Sodding Services

Measure the Area

Measure the area you need to be laid with sod before placing an order. Most sodding services recommend ordering at least 5% more than you think you will need, especially if you have an irregularly shaped lawn. This is because sod has a tendency to shrink once the foundation is laid.

Prepare the Soil 

sodding servicesIt’s important to clear your lawn before sodding is laid to ensure a smooth finish. Make sure to remove any debris such as rocks, stones, or any items larger than 3 inches. Then, till the soil 2 inches deep and add top soil, if necessary, so you have a soil depth of about 6 inches. This will give you plenty of rich undergrowth for your new grass. Plus, the sod will protect the soil from the harsh weather and wind.

Test Soil pH Levels & Apply Start Fertilizer

Testing your soil pH will help you understand how well your sod will absorb the nutrients from the soil. The ideal range is anywhere from 5.5. to 7.0. You can pick up a pH test kit from your local gardening store. Once you assess the soil, apply a start fertilizer to help your sod grow once it has been laid.


Proper preparation of your yard can help you avoid weeds, yellowing, and site drainage, which will destroy your investment and ruin the look of your yard. For professional sodding services for your property, contact Arkansas Sod & Turf Farm in Little Rock, AR. Family-owned and -operated for over 40 years, they have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to elevate the appearance of your lawn and make you the envy of the neighborhood. For more information about lawn sod, visit them online or call (501) 753-5377.

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