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Why You Should Have Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Serviced in Winter January 12, 2018

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Why You Should Have Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Serviced in Winter, Orlando, Florida

Commercial refrigeration and HVAC maintenance go hand in hand. Both should have regular checkups, particularly during the winter months. While it’s easy to keep your HVAC’s health at the forefront of your mind when the cold weather comes through, it’s also important to have your refrigeration equipment inspected when the seasons change. 

Required Maintenance

Just like any appliance and the HVAC units in your business, refrigeration equipment should be serviced to ensure all components are clean and in working order. Cleanliness is a huge factor in prolonging the life of your commercial equipment. Parts such as the condenser coil, fan blades, motor, and doors should be well cared for.

Why Maintenance Is Important

refrigeration equipmentWhen your business relies on refrigeration, you cannot risk losing your perishables to malfunctioning, broken, or dirty equipment. Whether you own a food store with frozen and refrigerated products or you have a restaurant, the quality of your offerings is critical to keep your business open and not make customers ill from spoiled food.

During the cold months when your HVAC is working overtime to ensure your building is warm, your refrigerator’s efficiency is necessary for keeping your utility output and costs in check. When your appliances are maintained, your energy costs lower, and you’ll need fewer big appliance repairs.

The appearance of your refrigeration equipment is also a factor. Customers don’t want to see their food stored in a dirty, broken unit. When your business is a food service, you want every part of your establishment to look sanitary, well kept, and safe for customers.


For more than 35 years, Tech-24 has been the top choice for refrigeration equipment services and appliance repair. With a team of licensed and insured technicians and dedication to prompt, reliable customer service, the company offers same-day service for fast appliance repairs that keep your business running. To find a location near you, visit them online.

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