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Asphalt Repair Contractor Explains Why Pavement Cracks January 12, 2018

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Asphalt Repair Contractor Explains Why Pavement Cracks, Brandenburg, Kentucky

Cracked pavement is unsightly, dangerous, and frustrating to address. However, this issue is among the most common asphalt repairs that contractors perform. But what exactly causes cracking, and how do you avoid it? The licensed and bonded paving contractors at A-1 Paving Co in Brandenburg, KY, answer these questions to help you keep your driveway or parking lot in great shape.

Why Does Asphalt Paving Crack?

Improper Subgrade or Base Thickness

Asphalt RepairsThe underlying layers below asphalt play a key role in determining the asphalt’s strength. When it is laid over material that cannot properly support the weight of the paving and any subsequent traffic, cracks and potholes will form. For instance, cracking may occur when asphalt is laid on top of a soft subgrade such as clay or sand. For a sturdy base, crushed stone should be applied to a depth of at least six inches and properly compacted to provide a solid surface.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Lack of regular maintenance causes the asphalt to deteriorate and could lead to costly asphalt repairs down the line. Keeping pavement in good condition requires some simple maintenance tasks that are often overlooked. Power washing the surface will remove stains and debris. Also, tending to small cracks and potholes before they grow will prevent further damage to the area. It is also recommended that the asphalt is sealed every two to three years to prevent decay and oxidation. 

Environmental Damage

Water and ice can wreak havoc on asphalt. If there are small cracks present, water can get into the cracks and freeze, which causes the cracks to expand. Applying a seal coating can help prevent this problem. Additionally, tree roots often go unseen until they start to surface in the asphalt, causing unsightly cracks and gaping holes. It is a good idea to clear the area of vegetation before the paving project begins to ensure the roots do not invade the area and cause damage.

Asphalt may crack for several reasons; however, there are a few key things you can do to minimize the damage. If you are looking for a reliable company for asphalt repairs, turn to A-1 Paving Co. These paving contractors have over 20 years of experience providing quality paving services. Call them at (270) 737-9300 to schedule service. You can also visit them online for more information.

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