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The Key to the Prevention & Early Detection of Cervical Cancer March 13, 2018

Merrill Field, Anchorage
The Key to the Prevention & Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, Anchorage, Alaska

Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells in the cervix grow and spread to other parts of the body. While this disease affects thousands of women in the United States each year, it can be successfully treated when detected early. The medical professionals at Alaska Oncology and Hematology, LLC in Anchorage are here to discuss how you can prevent and detect cervical cancer.


The most effective ways to prevent cervical cancer are by getting an HPV vaccine and wearing condoms when engaging in intercourse. While the vaccine does not protect against every type of HPV that causes cervical cancer, it can greatly reduce your chances of developing this disease.

Pap Tests

cancerEvery woman over the age of 21 should receive a cervical cancer screening every three years, also known as a Pap test. During the test, the doctor will scrape the surface of the cervix for cell samples so they can determine if there are any abnormalities. If they find any precancerous cells, they will offer a course of treatment.


Pap tests are important because cervical cancer rarely displays obvious signs. However, some of the symptoms may include bleeding from the vagina after sex and between menstrual periods, as well as abdominal pain and irregular discharge. If you display some of those symptoms, it’s important to schedule a pelvic exam with your gynecologist for a professional evaluation.

To catch cervical cancer in its earliest stages, it’s important not to skip your annual Pap smear and pelvic exam. If you have already tested positive for cervical cancer, turn to Alaska Oncology and Hematology, LLC, the leading oncology clinic in Anchorage, for high-quality treatment and compassionate support. Contact the office today at (907) 279-3155 to schedule a consultation. You can also visit their website for more information about their services. 

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