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4 Interior Painting Tips to Help Your Kitchen Feel Bigger January 11, 2018

Burnsville, Dakota
4 Interior Painting Tips to Help Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, Burnsville, Minnesota

The kitchen is a welcoming place to cook your favorite recipes, enjoy a quick meal, or entertain family and friends. Since smaller kitchens can feel cramped, however, interior painting makes a world of difference. Some quick tips can easily open up the space, creating a more inviting vibe with eye-catching appeal. As Burnsville, MN’s go-to painting contractors, the team at Arias Painters handles jobs of every size, from renovating your kitchen walls to re-painting your home’s entire exterior.

The Top Interior Painting Tips for Small Kitchens

1. Accent Walls

While it might seem contradictory at first, painting one of your kitchen walls a rich color will provide a more open appearance, making the wall appear higher, with the others receding around it. Aim for deeper colors, such as burgundy, navy, or dark green. When the rest of the kitchen is light, an accent wall truly makes an impact.

2. Matching Trim

Easy for any painter, this job isn’t just quick, but it’s also highly effective at opening up your kitchen. No matter which interior painting color or style you choose, matching the trim to the rest of the walls eliminates distractions, drawing the eye directly to your countertops and cabinets. This instantly provides the illusion of more space.

3. Light Colors

interior paintingAs described earlier, accents in small kitchens are usually rich, eye-catching shades. For the rest of the room, using light colors creates a remarkable contrast. Not only that, but shades such as white, cream, and yellow let natural light shine in, with the sun’s rays bouncing off the walls. Your painter can pick the best shade for your unique kitchen and lighting situation, creating a more open appearance.

4. Horizontal Stripes or Checks

If you want to add just a pop of color, adding stripes or checks on the floor creates a visually alluring pattern that draws the eye in. The pattern automatically keeps the eye moving, providing the illusion of a larger room. 

Interested in opening up your own kitchen? Interior painting can make even the tiniest space appear larger, more open, and ready for cooking and entertaining. No matter what your project idea, Arias Painters can help. Visit the Facebook page to learn more about these skilled painting contractors or call (952) 210-2032 to schedule your consultation today.

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