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Do's & Don'ts to Achieve Healthy Hair February 2, 2018

Ralston Valley, Northeast Jefferson
Do's & Don'ts to Achieve Healthy Hair, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

Having healthy hair you love not only makes you look great, but it makes you feel great, too. The professionals at Fantastic Sams in Littleton, CO, provide all their clients with the quality care and products they need to ensure they leave with the hairstyle they envisioned. They say you can keep your locks beautiful by following a couple of important do’s and don’ts.

Hairstyle Gurus Discuss Important Do’s & Don’ts of Healthy Hair

1. Do Get Your Vitamins

The most natural way to achieve healthy hair is by eating the right foods. Your locks benefit from nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, as well as important minerals like iron. For shinier, stronger, more vibrant hair straight from the follicle, eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods, including carrots, eggs, and leafy greens.

2. Don’t Overwash It

While you may think your hair is at its best when it is clean, the process of washing it will actually dry it out and damage it over time. That’s why it is important to avoid over-washing your hair. Only shampoo it three to four times per week, and always use a conditioner when you do. 

3. Do Nourish Your Locks

hairstyleNourish your tresses with hair products that add moisture. Ones that include ingredients like aloe and shea butter have been shown to help with dry hair issues, and natural oils like coconut will also give your hair some much-needed natural hydration.

4. Don’t Skip Regular Cuts

To keep your hairstyle looking fresh and multi-dimensional, get it cut regularly. Removing split ends ensures your locks look better and your hair doesn’t split further, which encourages healthy growth. 

From eating right to using certain products sparingly, there are many ways to maintain healthy hair between salon visits. If it’s time to get a trim or completely make over your hairstyle, turn to the team at Fantastic Sam’s. They’re known for listening to their clients and will ensure your hair boosts your confidence. Call (720) 922-0300 to set up your appointment today, or visit them online.

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