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4 Appropriate & Telling Questions to Ask on a First Date January 11, 2018

Pembroke, Detroit
4 Appropriate & Telling Questions to Ask on a First Date, Detroit, Michigan

Whether you met through a mutual friend or a dating service, first dates are equally exciting and nerve-wracking. Getting to know someone new is a thrilling prospect, and a little preparation can help you learn as much as possible during your first meeting. Asking these questions and listening to the answers with genuine interest will help you get a good sense of a person and whether or not you should move forward with a second date.

Dating Services Recommend These 4 Questions for a First Date

1. How Would You Spend a Free Day?

A nice ice breaker is to simply ask how your date likes to spend free time—or what they’d do if they had it. Do they have a favorite place in town or a beloved park? This also gives them an opportunity to discuss passions or hobbies.

2. What Makes You Laugh?

dating serviceHaving a shared sense of humor is important in most relationships. Is there a specific joke, movie, or situation that consistently makes them laugh? This can communicate the other person’s sense of humor without putting it into words.

3. What Should Everyone Know About You?

Many dating services recommend this question as it gives the other person a chance to say something you might not think to ask about. They might share a defining moment in their life or perhaps an incredible accomplishment you might have never guessed. They may answer with a personality trait or life event, but any answer will tell you about what they think is important.

4. What’s Your Calling in Life?

Someone’s calling is not always their current job title, so it’s a good question to ask. This will tell you about their priorities and goals. Don’t make it your very first question, though: this topic can be loaded or complicated for some people, who may prefer to talk about it only after the ice has been broken.


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