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Your Guide to the Differences Between Propane & Gas January 12, 2018

West Plains, Howell
Your Guide to the Differences Between Propane & Gas , West Plains, Missouri

During the winter, it can be a struggle to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Key to the efficacy and affordability of a home, it can be difficult to decide whether to regulate a residence with propane or gas. To help homeowners determine which form of fuel is best for their property, it’s essential to consider the unique qualities of each kind of energy source.    

How to Decide Between Propane & Gas

How Do These Fuels Differ?

Made up of butane, methane, and ethane, natural gas contains some propane composites. Typically, gas is produced and sold to consumers in a vaporous state. Also known as liquefied petroleum, propane is similarly derived from raw, natural hydrocarbons. However, this form of fuel is generally manufactured into a liquid form before being sold to the consumer. Used to sustain a wide range of appliances, such as vehicles and HVAC systems, propane and gas are two of the most common kinds of alternative energies.

Which Fuel Is Cheaper?

propaneThe affordability of each of these energy sources tends to fluctuate depending on the current market cost. Nevertheless, because petroleum is capable of producing double the amount of energy as natural gas, propane tends to be more affordable. For instance, while the average residential furnace will burn approximately 100 cubic feet an hour, a furnace uses half of that metric when operating on propane.  

Which Fuel Is Eco-Friendlier?

Capable of absorbing noxious radiations, such as carbon monoxide, gas can be toxic when released into the atmosphere. In comparison to this hazardous greenhouse vapor, propane is virtually harmless to the environment. While the use of hydrocarbons greatly contributes to the lethal effects of global warming, propane is void of pollutants. Because this energy source does not dispense harmful emissions into the air, propane is considered a green and environmentally friendly fuel.


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