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3 Signs You Need a Roof Repair January 13, 2018

St. Paul, Ramsey
3 Signs You Need a Roof Repair, St. Paul, Minnesota

The sooner you identify issues with the roof, the better chance you have of minimizing costs and extending its lifespan. With some guidance from a respected roofer like Custom Renovations & Builders in Saint Paul, MN, you will quickly spot minor problems before they become major inconveniences. This general contractor shares common clues of when the roof needs service. 

A Roofer’s Guide to Repair Concerns

1. Warped Shingles

As one of the main units of the roofing surface, shingles must retain their integrity. Over time, they may begin to break down, starting to curl back or fall off entirely. In other cases, small pieces may become brittle and break away. This exposes holes in the roof covering, allowing water to enter and reducing the strength of the structure. 

2. Proliferation of Algae

rooferWhile algae is an unsightly presence on the roof, it also poses significant structural threats. As it grows, it will hold moisture, exposing the roof’s surface to a consistent source of liquid. This will increase the likelihood of rotting and could lead to leaking. Remove the algae as soon as possible to prevent it growing any further.

3. Change in Grade

Straight lines are one trademark of a sturdy roof. Every month or so, look at your home from across the street or further away to properly assess the shape of the structure. If you notice increased sagging, or if the formerly straight roof has developed a curve or bend, it may be struggling to hold up its weight. A severe change in grade means that the roof is in danger of collapse, and you should call a roofer right away. 

The next time you notice one of these indicators, contact the roofers at Custom Renovations & Builders about a repair. Take advantage of their services if you have any home renovation needs. To speak to the staff, call (612) 788-9608. Learn more about the team by visiting their website

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