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What to Expect From Your First Hearing Test January 11, 2018

Russellville, Pope
What to Expect From Your First Hearing Test , Russellville, Arkansas

Hearing loss affects millions of people. Fortunately, it’s a highly treatable condition. If sounds seem muffled or speech is difficult to decipher, it may be time for a hearing test. Russellville Hearing Clinic in Pope County, AR, has over 20 years of experience assisting patients of all ages. Dr. Charlie Palmer and his team explain what you can expect from your first hearing test.

Review of Medical History 

Before the exam, the audiologist will ask details about your lifestyle and hearing abilities. They’ll ask about your work and how often you’re exposed to loud noises, as well as whether you spend a lot of time outdoors. They’ll also inquire about your family’s health history and whether you’ve experienced ear infections or other issues in the past. 

Initial Evaluation 

The evaluation takes place in a sound-proof room or booth which blocks outside noises. You’ll be given headphones or, if you already have hearing aids, the room will be equipped with speakers. The audiologist will administer a series of hearing tests to determine how well you can hear.

Thearing testhe evaluation includes a visual examination of the inner ear, air and bone conduction test, and sound discrimination testing. Sound discrimination is a combination of pure tone and speech audiometry.

To test pure tone audiometry, the doctor will speak through the headphones or speakers to deliver a sequence of tones and pitches at varying volumes. They use this to determine the softest sounds you can hear. The speech audiometry test involves listening to recorded voices. You’ll hear words and repeat them back. The doctor will evaluate your understanding and accuracy, which helps determine your ability to understand speech.

Collecting Results & Diagnostics 

After the hearing test, the audiologist will talk to you about the results. If they’re abnormal, they’ll discuss the issue and its implications in your life. They’ll also talk about your treatment options. At this time, the doctor will also demonstrate how hearing aids work and talk with you about how they could benefit you. At this point, the audiologist will encourage you to ask questions about your diagnosis and treatment as well. 

If you’re a Pope County resident experiencing hearing loss, visit the audiology experts at Russellville Hearing Clinic. Dr. Charlie Palmer uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques to provide patients with the best audiology services, from hearing tests to aid repair and fittings. Call (479) 968-7250 to schedule an appointment today. Or, visit the website for answers to some frequently asked questions.

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