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A Guide to Scheduling Commercial HVAC Maintenance January 11, 2018

Kennewick, Benton
A Guide to Scheduling Commercial HVAC Maintenance, Kennewick, Washington

To keep productivity high and your office or commercial building comfortable, you need to schedule regular inspections by a commercial HVAC maintenance company. Some people may not be aware of what schedule to follow for these appointments. Marsden Northwest, the premier mechanical services company in Kennewick, WA, explains below how often maintenance is required and why it’s important. 

How Often Should You Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

commercial hvacFor the best results, you should schedule preventative maintenance twice a year; once in the spring before you bring your building's air conditioning online, and once in the early fall before the temperatures plummet. This ensures both halves of your HVAC system are ready for use. 

Why Is Commercial HVAC Maintenance So Important?

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system ensures that you don't experience any emergency breakdowns during times of peak use. This keeps your business operating as it should and prevents productivity losses due to temperature disruptions or even business closure. The HVAC technician will replace fraying belts, oil the motor and blower, change the filters, inspect all parts of the system for deterioration, and make any necessary repairs.

By scheduling regular maintenance and completing minor repairs when needed, you also improve the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. This helps extend the system’s overall life-span, saves you money in replacement costs over the long term, and lowers monthly utility costs.

To keep your system in top condition and prevent costly breakdowns, schedule commercial HVAC maintenance with Marsden Northwest twice a year. Serving Greater Seattle for more than 60 years, they've built a reputation for quality work and customer service. Visit their website to learn more about their company, or call (509) 396-6351 to discuss your needs with a helpful, knowledgeable professional.

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