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How to Keep Your Eyeglasses in Good Shape January 16, 2018

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How to Keep Your Eyeglasses in Good Shape, Prospect, Connecticut

If you sport eyeglasses every day, wear and tear are bound to happen. But by adopting habits for proper care, you can extend the life span of your specs and keep your vision crystal clear. As a trusted eyewear retailer in Prospect, CT, Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates PC offer a few expert tips to maintain your lenses and frames below.

3 Ways to Care for Eyeglasses

1. Choose Coatings

The lenses you choose can have a big impact on durability. Most modern products are crafted from polycarbonate, Trivex®, or high-index plastic materials. The best type for you will depend on the type of prescription you have, but all three options offer a lightweight, durable profile. You can also invest in scratch-resistant coatings to help maintain a smooth view, as well as moisture-repellent coatings that help minimize smudging and the need for cleaning.

2. Clean Cautiously

eyeglassesTo keep dust and dirt from clouding your vision, clean the glasses at least once a day. However, avoid abrasive cleaning, such as dry-rubbing the lenses on a shirt, as this can cause scratches. Instead, use a clean microfiber cloth.

When cleaning, avoid using products that contain chemicals that can harm lenses, such as window cleaner or bleach.  Instead, rinse them with water and a drop of dish soap. For convenience, you might also use a special cleaning solution designed for eyewear. If possible, let the lenses air dry to avoid introducing excess particles.  

3. Store Securely

When you aren’t wearing them, your glasses should be safely secured in a hard-shell eyewear case. Leaving the specs out in the open increases the risk for dirty lenses, scratches, and frame damage. Whenever you place the eyeglasses in their case, position the lenses upward, so they don’t rub against the interior.

While practicing proper care can extend the life span of your eyeglasses, they won’t last forever. Fortunately, replacing your frames is easy when you’re a patient of Dr. Thomas Deluca Dr. Anthony Marciano & Associates PC. Located in Prospect, CT, this optical center will provide you with an accurate eye exam and introduce you to a wide selection of durable and stylish frames. Visit them online to learn more about their comprehensive eye care services, and give them a call at (203) 758-4447 to schedule an appointment today.

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