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5 Places to Hide Your Spare House Key January 12, 2018

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5 Places to Hide Your Spare House Key, Preston, Connecticut

Many homeowners choose to hide a spare house key in case they accidentally lock themselves out of their home. However, to be an effective hiding place, the key must be placed somewhere an average thief won’t think to look. Here are five creative places to hide your spare key.

5 Uncommon Hiding Places for Your Spare House Key

house key1. Under the Dog House

If you have a dog, its outside home is a great place to hide a key. A would-be burglar is not likely to approach your pet’s house and risk waking it. Slip your key under or inside the dog’s house, and it will go undiscovered until you need it. 

2. Magnetized Box Under Your Car

If you are not home, your key will still be with you if it’s attached to the underside of your car. Even if your car is home when you’re gone, this is one of the last places a burglar would think to look for your house key.

3. Fake Sprinkler

If your yard has sprinklers, consider a fake sprinkler key holder. Similar to the phony rock of yesteryear, an artificial sprinkler is designed to look like a real one and blend in with your yard. Just make sure you remember which one it is!

4. A Tree

If your home is surrounded by mature trees, one of them can make a great hiding place for your spare house key. Choose a tree farthest from your house and hang the key by a nail in a shaded spot on the trunk. Paint the key a dark color for even better camouflage.

5. Your Neighbor’s Home

Seek permission from a trustworthy neighbor next door or down the street and hide your spare key at his or her home. Even if a thief were to find it, he or she wouldn’t know which house it goes to.


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