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How to File a Car Insurance Claim January 29, 2018

David City, Butler
How to File a Car Insurance Claim, David City, Nebraska

If your car is damaged because of a collision, theft, or vandalism, auto insurance can protect you from paying the full price of repair or replacement. However, to recoup your losses, you must first file a claim with your provider. First State Insurance Agency  wants to ensure that you’re always covered when something unexpected happens, so they have provided a brief overview of how to file a claim. 

4 Steps to Filing a Claim With Your Auto Insurance Provider

1. Call Your Insurance Company

After you ensure that everybody is taken care of, inspect damage to your car. It’s best to call your insurance company as soon as possible to submit a claim. Your provider should be your initial contact whenever you notice damage, whether or not you were at fault.

2. Select an Auto Body Repair Shop

auto insuranceMost insurance companies let their customers decide which repair shop they want to use. They can offer suggestions if you don’t know any local shops. You’ll want to find a mechanic who offers labor and repair guarantees and will get your car fixed within a reasonable timeframe.

3. Get a Rental Car

Your auto insurance may include the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. It’s important to understand your policy limits to keep your out-of-pocket cost to a minimum. To keep the price within your limit, check if your insurance covers rental collision damage before you pay for it at the agency, and rent reasonably. Avoid luxury cars and unnecessary features.

4. Keep Expense Records

Keep records of all your expenses incurred as the result of your claim, including auto repairs, medical expenses, and lost wages. You may need these records to receive a settlement. You may also need to refer to them later if there are questions about the work performed on your car.

While it takes some time to file a claim with your auto insurance, working with an agent you trust can make the process simpler. First State Insurance Agency ensures that you always have the best coverage for your needs. Whether you need farm, home, business, or auto insurance, their agents will help you select the best option for your budget. Visit their website for more information about their services or call their all agency number at (402) 979-7585 for a free insurance quote or you can visit one of their five locations in Beatrice, Wilber, David City, Yutan, or Hickman NE. 

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