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4 Benefits of Pregnancy Massages February 6, 2018

Mendota Heights, Dakota
4 Benefits of Pregnancy Massages, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Your pregnancy can be one of the most joyous stages of your life, but your changing body and fluctuating hormones can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Although you may naturally be focused on having a healthy baby, it’s of the utmost importance to take care of your own health as well. Pregnancy massage therapy has been shown to have many positive effects on both mother and baby in the prenatal period as well as during delivery. Here are just a few of its important benefits.

4 Reasons to Get a Pregnancy Massage

1. Reduce Stress

One of the best effects of a massage is its ability to reduce your body’s levels of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. High levels of these can make it hard to sleep, contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease, and even increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. Getting a pregnancy massage is an easy and enjoyable way to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety so you and your baby are healthier.

2. Relieve Aches & Pains

Many women experience joint and back pain due to the changes in their body during the prenatal period. Sciatica in particular is common, as the growing uterus puts pressure on muscles in the lower back and pelvic floor. A massage can release this pressure, thus reducing the inflammation of the nerves.

3. Decrease Swelling 

pregnancy massageTissue inflammation and joint swelling are common complaints of pregnant women. By using lymphatic massage techniques, your therapist can target problematic areas by increasing blood flow and the oxygenation of tissues and muscles. This helps your circulation and stimulates the lymph system to remove waste materials from your body.

4. Improve Mood

Thoughts about the dramatic life changes you’re about to experience as well as the effects of pregnancy hormones can cause mood swings and feelings of anxiety. But a spa session can increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your blood, helping fight feelings of depression and improving your overall mood. You’ll come away from the session feeling rejuvenated and energized, which will help you deal with your pregnancy with a calm, clear, and positive attitude.

If you’d like to incorporate a pregnancy massage into your overall wellness plan, turn to the experienced professionals at the Center for a Balanced Life in St. Paul, MN. With more than three decades of experience, they offer a range of treatments focused on promoting full-body well-being. To schedule an appointment, call (651) 455-0473, or visit their website to learn more.

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