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Why a Leaf Guard System Is a Great Investment for Your Home January 11, 2018

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Why a Leaf Guard System Is a Great Investment for Your Home, North Branford, Connecticut

As a homeowner, you know cleaning your gutters is vital to keeping your house’s exterior in good condition. Without this routine maintenance, your gutters can clog, causing damage to the siding, landscaping, and even the fixtures themselves. However, if you’ve ever had to do it yourself, you know just how much of a pain it can be. At A-1 Affordable Seamless Gutters and Home Improvement in North Branford, CT, their team wants to help. Here, they explain why a leaf guard system is the best option for your home.

What Is a Leaf Guard System?

These systems are designed to keep debris, rodents, pests, and unwanted items out of the gutters. They accomplish this by using a cover that attaches to your existing gutter system or installing a covered, seamless one to replace worn-out metal gutters. The cover has enough clearance for water to reach the gutters even in heavy downpours. However, because the openings are so small, items like leaves and pine needles slide right past the cover and off your roof, reducing the risk of unexpected clogs in your system year round.

Why Should You Have One Installed?

Leaf Guard SystemClogged gutters do more than cause unexpected puddles in your landscaping. They keep water from draining off your roof, leading to an increased risk of leaks, mold and mildew growth, and even foundation problems. Left unaddressed, clogs turn into a breeding ground for pests that can further damage your home, creating many long-term issues down the road. Installing a leaf guard system will keep clogs from happening in the first place so you and your family can enjoy everything the weather throws at you without worrying about surprise leaks. Best of all, you’ll eliminate the need to have a service inspect your gutters as the seasons change.

Get rid of clogged gutters the easy way. Let the team at A-1 Affordable Seamless Gutters and Home Improvement install a leaf guard system, and see the difference covered gutters will make in your home maintenance routine. Learn more about their available leaf guard options online, and call (203) 484-0042 to schedule an estimate.

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