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What Your Teen Can Expect at a Catholic High School February 9, 2018

South Bronx, Bronx
What Your Teen Can Expect at a Catholic High School, Bronx, New York

High school is an important time in every teenager’s life. They build relationships with their peers, build a solid foundation for their academic careers, and develop into unique young adults. However, when deciding where to send your daughter, finding a high school that supports her mental, spiritual, and emotional growth is of the utmost importance. For many students, a private Catholic high school is the best option. At Preston High School in the Bronx, NY, their dedicated faculty wants to help make your daughter’s high school experience a positive one. Here is what your daughter can expect when receiving a Catholic education.

What to Expect from a Catholic High School

The primary focus of Catholic education is to help prepare your daughter for the future, no matter what she decides to pursue. She’ll receive a rigorous academic experience in small classes where interacting with both teachers and peers is not only expected, but encouraged. Her opinion will be valued and, without the influence of boys in the classroom, she may feel more comfortable to express herself without fear or concern. 

Catholic High SchoolFaith and spirituality also feature heavily in the Catholic high school experience. Discourse about religion and appreciation of faith-based values will help your child grow into a spiritually rich woman. Because the values are shared both by the staff and other students, the environment will be both nurturing and challenging, encouraging her to explore and live her faith on a daily basis.

Why Invest in Private High School?

Private education is a financial investment, but it does give your child the best head start on their future. Whether they’re planning on attending university or want to start out closer to home, they’ll have a rigorous academic background not found in most public high schools. Private education and all-girls high schools set your daughter up for success and give her a supportive network for the rest of her life.

Help your daughter enjoy her high school years. Enroll at the Bronx’s prestigious Catholic high school, Preston High School, today. Learn more about their academic and extracurricular programs by visiting their website. To arrange a tour or to speak with an admissions representative, call the school at (718) 863-9134.

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