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A Business Law Attorney Discusses Legal Considerations for Professional Freelancers January 11, 2018

Platteville, Grant
A Business Law Attorney Discusses Legal Considerations for Professional Freelancers, Platteville, Wisconsin

A freelance career affords workers considerable flexibility, creativity, and the perks of running a small-scale enterprise. As with any business, freelancers must take into account the various legal considerations that apply to their craft and trade. Below, the business law attorneys at Scott & Heenan, LLC, of Platteville, Wisconsin, discuss a few of these considerations in more detail.

3 Points to Ponder as a Freelancer

Business Transparency

Freelancers often handle their own advertising—publicizing their services, writing business descriptions for their websites, and detailing the nature of their work in promotional materials. Business laws forbid any company from making misleading or inaccurate claims. In other words, all business owners are held to a high standard when it comes to transparency, and they must accurately and honestly sell their services. If these laws are not followed, legal issues could result, complicating a freelancer's work and jeopardizing the future of their business.


As a freelancer, contracts are an absolute must. You should draw up clear, comprehensive agreements to protect yourself and your work. A business law attorney will ensure your contracts are legally sound and binding, and that all aspects and potential outcomes of the business relationship are discussed. This is a crucial safeguard that protects your business and its success.


business lawAs a freelancer, you are responsible for calculating, planning, and paying your own taxes. Your clients will not do this for you, so you must keep careful records, make estimated tax payments, and submit detailed returns every year. If you don't, you open yourself up to possible legal action on the part of the IRS, which could have a profound impact on your bottom line and the evolution of your business.

Let the lawyers at Scott & Heenan, LLC, make certain your freelancing career follows all applicable business laws. Since 1999, the team at Scott & Heenan has been serving clients throughout the Platteville area. Call (608) 348-9506 or visit them online to learn more, and like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the firm.

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