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The Top 3 Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games January 10, 2018

Progress Park, Southwest Arapahoe
The Top 3 Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

Escape rooms are more popular than ever before, but they're not easy to beat. According to the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms, serving the Greater Denver, CO, area, the pressure of solving timed puzzle games can be intense for players, which is why so many groups struggle. To ensure that you and your team don't get caught up in the chaos, the experts offer their top tips for winning an escape room game.

How to Win Escape Room Games

1. Utilize Teamwork

Teamwork is the key to a successful escape, but the term refers to more than simply being in the room with other people. If you want to get out within the time limit, it's important that everyone in the group is given the opportunity to offer their input regarding the puzzles. Each individual brings their own unique skills to the table, so encourage your teammates to avoid standing back and allowing one or two individuals to lead.

2. Be Vocal

Escape RoomIt's also important that everyone is vocal about their findings or suggestions. There's so much going on in the escape room, and it's impossible to cover every square inch on your own. Work with your team to be vocal about the things you find during the game to avoid overlooking a clue or valuable object. This way, even if one person doesn't see the significance of an item, someone else might.

3. Organize as You Go

When you enter the escape room, you'll find that it's full of items and displays. While some of these elements are useful, some of them are designed to complicate the process. Simply tossing things around after realizing you don't need them will only make it more of a challenge to find the objects that you do need. For this reason, organize items as you go so your team can work quickly.

Now that you have the insider tips for success, it's time to prove yourself at Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms. As the premier mobile escape room in the Denver Metro area, the business is the perfect opportunity to put your problem-solving skills to the test. Whether you're planning an epic date night or need a team building activity for your employees, book your adventure now online or by calling (303) 824-9201.

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