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A Brief Guide to Deep Root Injections for Your Property's Trees January 10, 2018

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A Brief Guide to Deep Root Injections for Your Property's Trees, Lodi, California

Deep root injection is a common procedure practiced by land maintenance professionals, and all property owners should consider utilizing the technique. Its primary purpose is for trees, but large shrubs can also benefit from it. If you're new to the concept, find out exactly what the treatment is and when it's needed, below.

What Is Deep Root Injection?

Deep root injection is a fertilization process that injects a liquid mixture into the soil. The fertilizer is typically a blend of common nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium, but the solution is based on the tree species and soil. Using specialty equipment, a professional will inject the solution into the soil using high pressure in specific locations around the base of the tree and extend out into the area around it.

Unlike surface-level fertilization, deep root injection places the solution around one foot underneath the ground. This gives the roots easy access to the nutrients at their full strength, as they may lose some of their potency when traveling through the top layers of soil. The aeration provided by the injection process also increases the oxygen content at the often too-compact level.

When Is Deep Root Injection Needed?

Everything You Need to Know About Deep Root Injection | Valley Green Pest Control in Stockton, CADeep root treatments are needed when plants show signs of nutrient deficiencies. Often, trees will have trouble growing and produce small, brittle leaves that fall earlier than they should. You may also notice less growth than previous years or discoloration on the limbs or leaves. In such instances, multiple rounds of deep root injection should take place until the plant's chemical levels are rebalanced.

Even without signs of illness or malnutrition, the practice should be implemented as part of your yearly fertilization routine. This should include at least one injection in the spring, but you may also want to boost your plant’s nutrient levels ahead of the winter months with another injection in early fall. A professional land maintenance expert can determine if your trees are in need of additional nutrient supplementation as well as how often each plant needs the treatment.


Whether your landscaping is suffering from unwanted pests or nutrient imbalances, turn to the experts at Valley Green Pest Control to restore it to its former glory. Based in Stockton, CA, and serving the surrounding areas including Elk Grove, the local business has provided effective and affordable land maintenance and pest control services for over 25 years. From deep root injections to tree spray, find out what your plants need by requesting a consultation today at (209) 931-5111 or by utilizing their online contact form.

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