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5 Tips on Buying a Ukulele January 12, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Tips on Buying a Ukulele , Honolulu, Hawaii

A legendary member of the lute family, the ukulele was first introduced to Hawaii in the early 1900s. Easy to learn and fun to play, this timeless instrument is beloved by amateur and advanced musicians alike. To help you purchase the best kind of ukulele for you, consider these tips.

How to Pick the Perfect Ukulele

1. Budget

Ukuleles can range from 5 to $5,000, so establish a budget before shopping. While advanced players may wish to invest in a handcrafted instrument customized with intricate inlays and painted designs, newer players can purchase a quality ukulele for 30 to $50.

2. Sound

A ukulele’s sound is influenced by its material. Cheap to construct and durably designed, ukuleles made of laminated wood tend to have a tight or hollow tone. On the other hand, ukuleles made of solid wood are more expensive, delicate, and fuller sounding.

3. Purpose

ukuleleConsider your intentions for the instrument. If you intend to join a band or perform on stage, purchase an electric ukulele with a pickup system that can be plugged into an amplifier. If you plan to play poolside or in outdoor conditions, it may be best to buy a sturdy ukulele that won’t be damaged by the elements. In these cases, weatherproofed ukuleles constructed of a carbon compost or plastic are ideal.

4. Size

Take into account the size of the ukulele. While testing instruments at the music store, you may notice that the smaller instruments have a lighter feel across their strings. Conversely, bigger ukuleles usually have a stiffer sensation across their strings and more finger room. As larger ukuleles are less sensitive and more spacious, beginner players may benefit from buying something bigger.

5. Quality

Ensure that your chosen ukulele is in top shape by inspecting the instrument’s neck. The fretboard should be smooth, the neck straight, and the instrument’s nut aligned with its saddle. Finally, play the ukulele to detect any unpleasant buzzing or twangy sounds.


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